Refund Involuntary Deductions

How to refund involuntary deduction in Oracle cloud Payroll?

You can perform this after logging into Oracle Payroll, in two steps:

1) Refund Employee

2) Adjust Involuntary Balance

In this example

Employee was paid on 4/28 and involuntary deduction was taken out for pay period 4/9 to 4/22 with check date 4/28. In the example screenshots below, we want to refund the employee in the next pay period. Hence, element entry will be created starting next pay period (4/23 – 5/6) and amount will be refunded on check date 5/12. If an immediate refund is needed to pay out earlier, refund entry can be created in pay period starting 4/9-4/22 and quick pay may be processed immediately.

Step 1 – Refund Employee

Balance adjustments must be made on the original pay date when involuntary deduction was deducted.  

  1. Change Effective Date to the Pay Period Start date you are refunding.
  2. Create an element entry for the amount you are refunding.

3. Enter negative amount for refund involuntary deduction element

  1. Add Fee amount as well in case fee was charged to the employee. e.g. if $2 is charged for fee, enter -747.38 as the Amount.
  2. Process Regular Pay in the next pay period or process quick pay to pay employee immediately.

Step 2 – Adjust Involuntary Balance

  1. Get Values of Third-Party Payee from Run Results
    1. Go to SOE => Run Results
    1. Search for your element => Remove “Primary Only” filter

We want to get Third Party Payee, Deductions Calculation, Order Number and Reference Code2 values from the run results.

  1. Go to Adjust Individual Balance Screen and Change Effective Date to the check date when the involuntary deduction was deducted.
  2. Enter Balance Name and Input values will appear for adjustment. Enter the information as below
  1. Save.
  2. After saving the adjustment, scroll down to the Costing and Payment Details Section. Make sure Costing and Payment is UNCHECKED.

Step 3 – Directly Pay Employee by Check.

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