101 Test cases for Oracle Cloud Manufacturing

Here is a list of 101 things that you should test when implementing Oracle Cloud Manufacturing/Inventory system. If this list is missing something, please feel free to add!

APCreate Asset from AP Invoice line
APProduce AP trial balance
APProduce AP Aging
ARCreate AR invoice transaction
ARCreate new Customer
ARCreate AR credit memos transactions
ARCreate and Apply receipts
ARCreate AR debit memos transactions
ARCreate and Pay AR Refund
FinancialsProduct AP to GL reconciliation
FinancialsNeed the ability to load Foreign exchange rates
FinancialsNeed the ability to create manual journal entries
FinancialsRevenue fully recognized at shipment
FinancialsUtilize Invoice scanning
FinancialsRetire Assets
FinancialsNeed the ability to create an allocation journal using headcounts
FinancialsCreate Deferred expenses invoice
FinancialsInvoice Approvals – invoice approval matrix
FinancialsLoad BAI2 files for bank statement reconciliation
FinancialsAssign tracking numbers to assets
FinancialsCreate Positive pay file
FinancialsCreate Recurring invoice
FinancialsCreate Invoice where cost transfers to Assets
FinancialsNeed the ability to revalue fx account balances
FinancialsCreate Payments – Electronic
FinancialsCreate Prepayment invoice
FinancialsNeed manual journals to be approved
FinancialsAssign asset to employee
FinancialsNeed the ability to upload budget amounts
FinancialsGL Journal Approvals for manually entered journals
FinancialsRun Period Close validations
InventoryRecord Physical Count
InventoryCreate and Maintain Cycle Count
InventoryRecord Cycle Count
InventoryValidate Sub-inventory for RMAs
InventoryReview Variances
InventoryReview Inventory Valuation
InventoryDefine Overheads and Roll up Costs
InventoryDefine Standard Cost for Items
InventoryAdd new Items to the Procurement Catalog
ManufacturingReview Item Geneology, Electronic Records, compliance
ManufacturingCreate and Execute Work Order for In House Production
ManufacturingCreate and update a work definition
ManufacturingReview Manufacturing Setups
ManufacturingGenerate and allocate a lot number while receiving material from vendors
PaymentCreate Payments – Printed Checks – provide sample of Check stock
PricingMaintain pricing for individual SKUs by individual customers in the Oracle cloud
Purchase OrderMatch Invoice to PO
Purchase OrderUtilize matching holds to place invoice on hold
Purchase OrderAutomated RTS debit memos with email to Supplier
Purchase OrderDetermine distribution set for use either on Suppliers or at Invoice entry for Non PO Invoices
Purchase OrderCreate new Suppliers
Purchase OrderCreate a new supplier, supplier site, and contact
Purchase OrderAdd Buyer to the system
Purchase OrderVerify that PO can be issued using different UOM than the primary UOM on the item
Purchase OrderVerify ability to add multiple PO line types to a draft PO
Purchase OrderVerify sequential document numbering for suppliers, Requistions, Purchase Orders and receipts
Purchase OrderReturn received material to Vendor
Purchase OrderCapture ASN for Purchase Orders issued to vendors
Purchase OrderMake chages to approved PO and create a change order
Purchase OrderGenerate PO document and communicate to Vendor
Purchase OrderCreate PO from approved requisition
Purchase OrderApprove Requisition
Purchase OrderCreate new requistion for catalog items & non-catalog items
Reporting1099 reporting and invoice management process
ReportingEmail Invoices, Credit and Debit memos
ReportingNeed the ability to report on Financial results
ReportingA GAAP, FED, and STATE tax books are needed
ReportingFRS report – B/S and Income statement
ReportingFRS report – cashflow statement
ReportingAR Invoices Report
Sales OrderEnter customer address on sales order
Sales OrderValidate the customer PO on the sales order and prevent duplicate SO
Sales OrderEnter the ship to customer & having different ship to number
Sales OrderEnter carriers and shipping methids
Sales OrderCreate new Sales person
Sales OrderEnter charge item as sales order line item
Sales OrderReturn an order shipped and receive back into the inventory
Sales OrderEnter an invoice only order
Sales OrderCapture sales credit on the sales order for one or more than one sales people
Sales OrderAdd new frieght carriers and shipping methods
Sales OrderVerify that overshipment and undershipment limits can be defined & enforced
Sales OrderReceive an expected shipment from Vendor and register the quantity received
TaxAdd California tax to invoice
TaxInvoice USE tax, compliance is currently done manually
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