Oracle Cloud Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Oracle Cloud has been growing leaps and bounds in past few years. The supply chain and manufacturing cloud that has seen new features improvements almost every month, is poised to become one of the ERP industries leading solution for Manufacturing.

With the additions of Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, Oracle has a vision for smart manufacturing – To make anything, anywhere, with an automated, insightful, connected and responsive solution.

In the manufacturing industries, a lot has changed since the beginning of the pandemic. Also, with the advancement of technology, AI and generative AI, manufacturing companies are looking for ways to optimize their processes using machine learning, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence.

Oracle smart manufacturing provides ability to Detect opportunities (and problems) using real time monitoring and predictions; Leaders and business operations can then use this data along with analytics, deep learning and Supply Chain Planning capabilities to gain business insights and make decisions. And finally, the team can then execute on this plan throughout the supply chain, manufacturing and operations process. This is digitization of entire business ecosystem.

So what does a smart manufacturing process look like?

Imagine Managing work areas, work centers, resources and work definitions in an optimal manner that helps plan and reduce standard costs. Use effective ways to efficiently manage and plan supply and production schedules. Managing shop floor, capturing machine data, executing production schedule to produce a quality product. Across the board, monitor and predict issues, and accordingly analyze the performance of your end to end business process flow. Manage cost of production and inventory. This is just the beginning!

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